About me

This website is all about me – my name is Magdalena Dziedzic. Born in Cracow, in the fall of 1985. Currently residing in Bristol. My aim is to travel far and wide.

I’ve chosen my studies way back in grade school. Because of „poor draftsmanship” I didn’t become an architect, and since I wasn’t keen on learning biology, medical studies weren’t an option either. That’s why I’ve chosen Sociology at the Jagiellonian University. That choice has contributed greatly to shaping me into who I am today.

I want to share with you what I love most – gazing at the world via a camera lens. I’ve started travelling (to places far and near) driven by curiosity of the surrounding world. Eventually my camera became my travel companion and photography became my greatest passion.

I’ve perfected my skills, learning from both my colleagues and professors at The School of Creative Photography and The Academy of Photography in Cracow.

I’m also a graduate of the Reporters Laboratory at the University of Warsaw Faculty of Journalism. These weren’t mere post-graduate studies, but rather a place to meet various people and to share your experience and opinions (which could vary a lot from one person to the other).

I have one addiction – books. I’m struggling with compulsive shopping for the new titles and with finding time to read them all. Life without music would be nothing to me. I also enjoy watching films in smaller, less crowded theatres and when I need to relax, I attend contemporary art exhibitions.