About me

Moje zdjęcie Magdalena Dziedzic

Magdalena Dziedzic. Born in Krakow in the fall of 1985. A sociologist by education. In constant motion, enjoying the moment.
Out of curiosity and desire to get to know everything that surrounds me, I have started travelling (to both very close and very distant places).
I have noticed, how easy and inexpensive it is to travel the world. If you still have doubts, I will gladly convince you, that it is possible.

In the course of time, a camera has become my companion, and photography itself – my great passion.
I have improved my skills learning from colleagues and lecturers at the School of Creative Photography and at the Academy of Photography in Krakow.

In addition to landscape photography, I am also very interested in portrait photography and I will be pleased to take pictures of you as well. Write me and we will organize a session.

Reportage photography means a lot to me as well, as in a way it combines portrait with landscape photography, showing people in their natural environment. I am also a graduate of the Laboratory of Reportage at the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Warsaw. These

postgraduate studies above all let people meet and exchange experiences and very different views.