How to use Instagram in planning a trip?

For most of us, Instagram is an application through which we share our photos with our friends and the world. Some want to show what they ate for breakfast today, others how they dressed for a date, and still others what they are working on now. Something like a photo memorial enclosed in the application. […]

How to organize a trip yourself?

How to plan a trip by yourself?Are you going on vacation and want to see something more than the hotel swimming pool at an all-inclusive trip? Do you find organized tours to restrictive for your taste? Are you being tempted tobuy some of the super-cheap plane tickets, but you’re afraid planning your trip will be […]

A week in Georgia – a couple tips on preparations

Georgia is one of those countries you want to keep visiting again and again. There are two reasons for that. First, one trip’s not enough to see everything you’d want. Second – what we get to see leaves quite an impression. That’s why it’s safe to assume that your first trip there won’t be your […]


Avon – in search of a new river   Olga Tokarczuk once wrote, that everyone has his own river (in her book  „Moment niedźwiedzia” ,namely, in the story titled „Oder”). There’s some merit to it, at least in my opinion. Perhaps you’renot aware of it yet, but I’m certain, that upon reading Olga Tokarczuk’s narrative […]

Dalaman – weekend holiday in a Turkish resort

The Turkish coasts of the Mediterranean Sea is rife with beautiful beaches. Sunny weather is a given there. If we add the unique charm of local towns, such as Dalyan, Fethiye or Marmaris, we get the perfect recipe for a holidays destination. Leisure When my colleagues told me about their summer vacation spent by the […]

Two words about street art after two important premieres

On streetart – right after two grand premieres At he beginning of this month, one of my favourite publishing houses has released   an unusualguide , which, instead of describing places, deals with a certain phenomenon – street art. I’vehapened upon it, while ordering books on places I’m planning to visit. Instantly, I added it […]

Tyntesfield – interesting places are closer than you think

Tyntesfield – interesting places are closer, than you think Recently, I’ve read a   blogpost on visiting Cracow  at my friends website. Many readers stated intheir comments, that contrary to tourists, locals never visit any interesting places in their towns, andcan be completely oblivious about some of them. At first, I wanted to disagree, as […]

Cemetery in miniatures or the first steps in Iceland

A cemetery seen in miniatures – my first steps in Iceland I’ve always been very fond of cemeteries – they have a distinct charm. Calm and quiet, they’re perfect places to dwell upon history – that’s why I visit them wherever I go, trying to capture their unique feel. Each cemetery is different. Some are […]

Queshm Island

After a whole night spent in the car and a ferry passage, we have finally reached Qeshm Island (which is the largest island in the Persian Gulf). It greeted us with a true summer holiday atmosphere – the sea, the beaches, the sun… Which was great, as just a few days ago, back in Palangan, […]


Nikoszowiec is a very special district of Katowice. Silesians have dubbed it Nikisz. I highly recommend visiting it and staying for a while. It is a mining district, designed by the Zilmann brothers – Georg and Emil and built for the miners of the Giesche mine. As part of national heritage, this symbol of Upper […]