For most of us, Instagram is an application through which we share our photos with our friends and the world. Some want to show what they ate for breakfast today, others how they dressed for a date, and still others what they are working on now. Something like a photo memorial enclosed in the application. So how would this help us plan our vacation?

Look for inspiration

We learned about most of the interesting places in the world during geography, history andvart lessons.vTelevision and the Internet even flood us with information, and in bookstores wevwill find a lot ofvguides describing every corner of the globe. All the time, however,vit is worth looking for these lesser known locations.

Instagram is full of photos of popular tourist places, but not only.. Very soon you will find destinations that you have never heard of before and you will want to see them live. It is enough if you periodically review the photos proposed by the application. You can also start observing popular travelers and photographers. And when you have more specific preferences, just enter a specific term in the search engine. It can be quite wide, like mountains, a lake or even travel. (We will get more results by entering words in English.)

Find something unusual

Are you planning a trip to a very popular place, but would like to see something more than typical tourist attractions? In this situation, Instagram can also be helpful. Check the photos from the location. Do not be discouraged by a large number of selfies – sometimes you have to look a little longer, but you will definitely find some interesting place that is not mentioned in the guide.

Check where to eat

Pictures of food are certainly the most ridiculed by everyone, and the hashtag “foodporn” is one of the Instagram symbols of heaviness. The truth is, however, that these pictures will help you the most in planning your trip. Good food is a great pleasure, and good local food is a pleasure Double. During my holidays, I try not only to visit new places, but also to get to know new flavors. I usually only have a few days to do this, so I prefer to avoid mistakes. While still at home, I prepare a list of places with the address, the type of cuisine served and information whether I want to eat breakfast, dinner there, or maybe just drop by for coffee. This allows us to save a lot of time and nerves during the holidays. Remember how you recently ran around a crowded city at lunchtime, looking for a nice restaurant with an attractive menu at affordable prices. Search the app through hashtags that connect the place to the food, such as: #cracowrestaurant, #cracowfood, #breakfastincracow etc.


The power of social media is the people who use it. Instagram isn’t just about accessing countless photos. The application also gives you the ability to send messages. Of course, most often we use it to comment on a friend’s relationship. But why not ask an expert for advice when we have so many of them at hand? If any photos particularly catch your attention, go to the author’s profile. He probably lives in the place you are going to or has recently visited it. Ask, maybe he will recommend something interesting, and maybe even show you around the city. If we want a quick answer, it is worth writing to several people. If someone has a lot of followers or doesn’t use the app often, they may just miss our message.


If we only like a photo that we like, it will be difficult for us to find it later. Fortunately, we have the ability to save them easily. This is possible thanks to the marker on the right side below the image. In the “saved” tab on our profile, we can create folders that will allow you to conveniently categorize our inspirations. Even if you prefer to keep your photos in family albums and not show them on the Internet, it is worth practically using the capabilities of this application.

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